Stopping Foreclosure

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New Albany IN Stop Foreclosure: Attorney Assistance

Your home is important to your identity.  Behind the talk of hearth and home, there exists a very real sentiment and attachment to your home.  Your family lives there, your friends visit you there.  Perhaps your family has owned it for generations.  This brick and mortar house is your very own home.  Now, in the midst of financial crisis, you face the possibility of losing your home.

Foreclosures constitute one of the biggest fears associated with overpowering debt.  But there are ways to avoid foreclosures and repossessions. Contact Daniels Associates LLP in Louisville, Kentucky, to speak with an attorney who knows about saving homes.

Agreed Order

One way to stop foreclosure is an Agreed Order – an agreement between the debtor and the mortgage company to stop all court actions.  An Agreed Order can outline a repayment structure.  Sometimes creditors want to collect their money more quickly than you can comfortably afford.  Our lawyers can then help you negotiate with creditors.

Filing for Bankruptcy in Indiana and Kentucky

Filing for bankruptcy the safest path to prevent foreclosure.  If you have acquired significant credit card debt, have had unforeseen medical expenses, gotten caught up in excessive payday loans or cash advances, lost your job or have been a victim of predatory lenders, you may find yourself with a difficult decision.  Do you make your mortgage payment, or pay other creditors at the expense of losing your home?  Don’t put yourself in the position of losing your home.  Daniels Associates LLP can help you take the necessary step of choosing the best bankruptcy chapter to meet your situation and needs.  We will help you determine which bankruptcy chapter protects you.

Get the help you need to recover from a difficult financial position through bankruptcy.  Our attorneys are pleased to help you decide your financial future.  Contact us today.  We offer free initial consultations and are available for evening and weekend appointments.  We offer language services in Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Czech and Korean.

We are a debt-relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.