Several years ago I was forced to turn to SS Disability, still very young but unable to continue a grueling work schedule. Had an initial meeting with a paralegal and they took the reins from there. Quite some time passed and received a letter for my hearing date. The attorney and I spoke by phone beforehand and I actually met her in person when I showed up for the hearing. All went smoothly, and she spoke confidently about the expectations and possibilities for the decision process and that I would likely know something within the next several weeks. Sure enough, the legal correspondence arrived by mail notifying me of approval. Several weeks later my check for back-pay arrived from Daniels Associates. While the waiting process can be enough to drive most anyone crazy, patience is KEY, and putting my FULL confidence in my attorney was the right decision. This firm is beyond qualified to handle your case, and my advice is to exercise patience as the entire disability process is pretty slow, but leave it to Daniels Associates and let them do what they do best. Highly recommend!

-Tony W.

Very caring and responsible staff.

-Michael H.

Professional, helpful, and super nice. Would have been lost without them. Can’t thank Jessica and Micah enough. Highly recommend!

-Alysha R.

They are the best!!!! I would recommend before anyone else!!! I love the whole staff!!!

-Tone S.

They are very caring and personable. Tara is so understanding of how I felt and still feel. Daniels Associates take the time to get to know their clients. I’m extremely glad that I chose this firm. All of my doubts and worries are gone because of these lawyers.

-Karla B.

They are an excellent group of people to help you!

-Crystall A.

I’ve talked to three Louisville area Law Firms about Social Security and each of those companies gave me advice that would lead me to their firm to no doubt get my money. When I called Daniels Associates after finding out my medical conditions and found out I was also a Disabled Veteran. They informed me that with my disabilities I should have no issues filing myself but if my Social Security didn’t get approved to call them and they could be glad to help. She then gave me the number to Frankfort and told me how to contact the VA and start filing with them. Does everybody have to be after you dollar when your down? Why cant more people and business’s be more like Daniels Associate and just give good honest advice and take care of people treating them the way they would want to be treated? Thanks Daniels and “Holly” If I ever do an Attorney or know of anyone looking you can bet I’ll remember your firm.

-Ray B.