Workers Compensation and Social Security

Louisville Work Comp and Social Security Attorney

An accident at work that results in serious injury may keep you off your feet for more than just a few days, and prevent you from working for a long time.  Make sure you have attorneys who can address both workers compensation and Social Security disability issues – contact Daniels Associates LLP for a free initial consultation.

Injured on the Job?

If you have been hurt on the job in a work-related accident, you probably have considered filing a workers compensation claim or even seeking assistance with a possible personal injury suit.  But have you considered filing for Social Security disability?

If your accident disables you, you may also be entitled to obtain Social Security disability benefits.  Perhaps you have private disability.  If you have questions regarding the ramifications of this, contact our firm.

Get Legal Advice in Handling Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Claims

At Daniels Associates LLP, our Social Security Disability (SSD) lawyers possess a fundamental understanding of both the workers compensation and Social Security disability aspects of your situation and provide supportive assistance.  If your long-term disability claim has been denied and you have been steamrolled by systems more concerned with saving money than with helping people who have been injured, call on our firm.  We’ll meet with you to discuss your situation and work to help you try to maximize your benefits.

Find the personal service you need in obtaining Social Security disability benefits and workers compensation by calling Daniels Associates LLP today: 502.583.8300.  Contact us for a free initial consultation.  We are available for evening and weekend appointments and offer language services in Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.