Emotional Effects of Debt

Stop Harassing Phone Calls and Creditor Harassment

Financial problems and increasing debt puts an enormous amount of stress on most people. Even when you try to be responsible by ordering your credit report, a bad credit report can make you want to bury your head in the sand. You may see that certain accounts have been charged-off. This means that your account is more than six months past-due. Even if an account reads that it has been charged off, the creditor still has the right to recover the amount owed. They can use further collection efforts, or even file a lawsuit. The creditor may even send the account to a third-party collection agency.

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Although collection agencies are subject to the restrains of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, (FDCPA), they are still often rude, pushy, and nasty. They will lie to you in order to convince you to make a payment. Creditors will oftentimes make statements that if you don’t make a payment, the police will put you in jail for your debt. While there are certain circumstances that may lead to imprisonment, for example, non-payment of a fine, penalty or restitution in a criminal case, knowingly and intentionally writing bad checks, or non-payment of child support, generally these creditor statements are just a means used to coerce you into making a payment.

Another favorite statement of collection calls is that if you don’t pay, they will garnish your paycheck. While this may eventually happen, it won’t happen tomorrow. The creditors have to actually file suit against you, serve you, and have an actual judgment – an Order signed by the judge – against you in order to collect through a garnishment. At Daniels Associates LLP, we understand the toll that debt can put on a person.

Our Louisville, KY Attorneys Use Bankruptcy Laws to Get Creditors Off Your Back

By filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can help you get the debt relief and emotional freedom you need. Filing for bankruptcy may do many things for you, including:

  • Stop creditor phone calls
  • Prevent lawsuits from being filed
  • Stop old lawsuits from continuing
  • Wipe away debt with Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Reorganize debt with Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Stop wage garnishment
  • Stop foreclosure on your home

At Daniels Associates LLP, we understand how to protect you from unfair debt collection practices.  We will work with you to get you through this tough period in your life and help you to rebuild your credit.

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