Kentucky Family and Divorce Lawyer Ready to Help Clients Find an Equitable Resolution in the Best Interests of Their Family

We have assisted many families in the Kentucky area with legal assistance in all aspects of family law.  At Daniels Associates we know how important it is to work with an attorney who is responsive to your needs and zealously advocates your interests.  You can depend upon us if you need help with:

Divorce: No two divorces are the same.  Some parties retain enough trust to work cooperatively to dissolve the marriage, while others have experienced so much betrayal that every issue is adversarial.  Through mediation and/or litigation, our divorce and family law firm can help you gain the most equitable, fair results from your divorce, including the distribution of the marital home and other assets, reasonable child support payments and child custody matters.  We also can help with a friendly, or uncontested, divorce, in which the parties agree to seek an amicable end to their marriage.

Parenting Agreements: You love your children, and we strive to help you do what is best for them.  At Daniels Associates, we care for and defend your parental rights to healthfully raise and support your children in a loving and proper home, and seek to find the arrangement that meets the best interest of your family in custody and visitation decisions.

Child Support: Daniels Associates helps make sure that you are given or are paying a reasonable amount of financial support that is needed to raise and parent your children in a quality environment.  Support payments cannot be changed unless the court accepts and modifies the divorce/child support order.  If either the custodial parent and/or the noncustodial parent has a life altering change in financial status, we can assist you through the proper legal action that will need to be taken to properly revise the order for your support payments for your children.

If you are considering divorce, dealing with parenting agreements, or trying to determine child support, your choice of attorney can make a significant difference in the process and the outcome of your case.  Contact Daniels Associates today at 502.583.8300 or online to set up your free initial consultation with a supportive and assertive attorney.